Pseudo Savant

There was this big bang once, now we're left here to fill in the blanks.

           My whole body occupied the length of the bed. I slithered to the edge and dipped my head towards the carpet, trying to focus my new perspective. I was feeling playful.

           ”What do you wanna do?” I asked, obnoxiously extending the length of the last word I spoke.

           Her head darted to the left while her eyes rolled to the right. She paused for a moment, mouth open wide, and let out a lethargic “I dunno.” Her whole body collapsed back into being relaxed, fixating a mindless gaze on her cell phone again.

            Dust was bathing in the warm beams of light shooting in from my window. The whole room felt ancient, like we were getting older faster by spending another second indoors. Sunny day guilt; an emotion felt only by a North Westerner on a day like today.

           ”Do you want ice cream?!” I asked sitting up, eyebrows peaked, hopeful for an agreeing shriek of glee. She met my eyes with an accusatory glare. “No ice cream! I feel fat.” I felt like I had been the one to make the assumption. I melted back into the warm mold my body had left on the bed, defeated, clutching a lump of hair in my hand. Ice cream never works, anyways.

           She breaks the silence, “I think I’m gonna grow out my hair.” She swiveled in my chair while she tongued the gap between her teeth, looking indifferent. She catches me staring and asked “what?”

           My voice cracked.


           ”What?!” she demanded.

           Still feeling playful I shut my eyes and mouth tight, shaking my head quickly.

           I grinned softly showing her some teeth, “Nothing.”

The National

—I Need My Girl


I Need My Girl // The National

On point Venn diagram.

On point Venn diagram.

My most commonly used words on Facebook. Sounds about right.

My most commonly used words on Facebook. Sounds about right.

Ear buds in for the stroll. Always.


Blogs don’t have the same heartbeat as a book or a journal. There are no pages to make noise when you turn them, no spine to crack. A lacking intangible.

Practical, nonetheless.

I tend to write occasionally when something is very wrong or very right.

Out of moments of desperation or inspiration, there’s always Tumblr.

Had one before. It’s good to be back.