Pseudo Savant

There was this big bang once, now we're left here to fill in the blanks.

"It’s not really an explanation. Just a bizarre exploration."

Still upset.

I want a brain like this in my life.

I’m no cynic. I’m just get disappointed with how telling people let themselves be.

I love when people can write perfect “8’s.” It’s so satisfying.

Woke up dancing today.

More than anything, the strangest thing about life right now is not giving a fuck about being cool anymore. My every slight narcissistic tendency has been swallowed wholly by the immense weight of a billion, tiny moment-sorrows with vehement longing trailing close behind. ‘Likes’ don’t buy a house. Photo composition does not provide healthy meals.

Traveling seems necessary but it just isn’t anything new.

Nobody gives a fuck how wide your eyes got in Belize except you.

ALL I feel today is a desire to survive elegantly with people I love more than my ability to see, speak, and hear. With grace.

I lament grace. I just don’t see it these days.


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